Poker Glossary

Texas Holdem Poker Terminology

Texas Hold’em poker has a terminology all of its own. To understand and become a successful online player it requires an understanding of the Hold’em poker terms. Our glossary will help you learn poker terminology and slang.

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Ace High
An unranked hand with Ace as a high card. This poker hand beats all other Hold’em hands with no ranked cards (such as pair, two pair, set, straight) in a stud game.

Ace Rag
A Hold’em poker starting hand consisting ace and any other low-rank card of a different suit (AKA weak kicker).

Aces Full
A poker full house with a pair and three aces is called Aces Full. This hand is one of the strongest hands in Texas Hold’em Poker.

Aces Up
“Aces Up” is when a player holds a two pair (hole cards + community cards) that contains a pair of aces in Texas Hold’em poker.

A poker cash game with ‘action’ is a game with intensive playing, betting, calling, raising and re-raising.

Active Player
A Hold’em player who has not yet folded his/her hand (hole cards) and retains a stake in the pot.

To mislead opponents by revealing information through irrational bluffs or calls with the intention of being caught as a maniac or lose a player to be paid off when they draw a strong hand.

Aggressive player
A player who bets rais or reraise frequently even with medium-strength hands to increase the amount of the pot.

Ajax is the name of a suited or offsuit Ace-Jack starting hand combination in Texas Hold’em (also referred to as “blackjack”).

All In
When a no-limit Texas Hold’em player run out of chips during a hand or bet all his remaining wagering money available on the table. An “All In” does not prevent other active players from continuing betting the pot.

American Airlines
Texas Hold’em strongest starting hand combination pair of aces (AA).

Anna Kournikova
Hand nickname for the pocket combination ace and king (AK). The cards are known to “look better than they play” or “look pretty but never win”

The ante is an obligatory bet sometimes used together with blinds in Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. The ante starting bet is required from each player before a new hand starts.

A poker room, table or game containing a lot of beginning poker players (AKA fish)

The ax is an abbreviation for any poker hand with an ace and an unspecified low card, generally 9 or weaker such as A5 or A8.

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