How to play JJ

How to play JJ

Video Testimonials

“Really enjoying the videos and am definitely learning some things, patience and being

aggressive at the right times. Many thanks for all the videos and best of luck at the tables”

“Keep up the good job and thank you for putting them out there for everyone to see.”

“Your videos have helped my immensely! As I watch the different stages of the MZone report videos, I continue to progress farther and farther in MTTs. Last night, after watching the middle stages video, I placed in the top 30 out of 1600. Now I just need to watch the late stages video…”

“Just a quick note.  I am really enjoying these videos.  They are very informative and easy to understand.  They have helped me get deeper into more tournaments the last couple weeks. “

“I’m already looking towards your next poker video, as they are the most valuable on the internet.”

“Just to tell you something you already know, your videos are great!’

“Changing that one mind set as a result of watching your video has increased my in the money percentage by a very noticable amount.”

“I was wondering if there was a way to get the videos quicker. Especially the next one on profiling, as that is a trouble spot for me. I really need to improve my assessments of other players. If there’s a way to get the link sooner, I’d love it.”

“Hi once again I would like to praise your demo video. Your teaching is one of the easiest to follow. Is there anyway of buying these videos or are they going to be available for some time?”

“Thanks again, I will be going through these videos several times, it’s clear you’ve put a lot of effort into them and are a top notch player!”

“Thank you wery much for this great information you have been sharing.”

“I was not doing so well but after watching your wideos over and over again things started to change. Things just started to work out for me placing me more in the money.”

“I just finished watching all your videos…and all I can say is WOW!!!! I’ve learned sooooo much just by watching these videos “

“Great stuff, Marty. Keep up the good work. I’ve forwarded some of your work to other players I know.”

“You said something along the lines of “if you are patient and wait to get into the money, sometimes while doing that you will find yourself ending up at a final table” in one of your last videos. And that is exactly what happened to me once again.”

“Since I’ve watched your videos, I have really become a much better tourney player, which finds expression in my recent placements in the top three.”

” On a sidenote: congrats on hitting that +100% ROI at PS tournaments. Just another indicator for me that you really know how to play those cards. Advise from a player of such caliber is worth a lot to me, and I just wanted to say thank you very much.”

“I’ve watched the bankroll management video, and I appreciate the advice given. Early in my online poker days, I was one of the fish who don’t use their bankroll wisely. The 50/250 rule is a good place to start, thanks!”

“Before I used to just wait for great hands and would get blinded out, but since I have used your color coding strategy, the videos have been a great help in may game”