Online Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Online Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator

Study Texas Hold’em with our fast and powerful online odds calculator, simulate any Limit (L) or No Limit (NL) Hold’em poker situations and see the odds in seconds. Use this advanced tool to calculate the winning odds for any possible card combination. Find out your preflop, flop, turn and river odds instantly with the most popular online Texas Hold’em poker odds calculator. Calculate your exact chances of winning any given hands in online L and NL Texas Hold’em games.

The program is very easy to use and extremely useful for beginners and advanced online poker players as well. The calculator simulates millions of Hold’em hands to always guarantee the most accurate poker odds results. The most powerful feature of Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator tool is the bar which displays which cards could weaken (red) or strengthen (green) your No-Limit hand.

 1.Pick a card to automatically fill the marked card in the table
 2.A single click on an opponent’s seat to select. Double click to fold. Single click on community cards to select.
 3.In the drop-down menu: Click “fold” to fold an opponent. Click “empty” to take a seat as empty.
 4.Click on a selected card to remove it.
 5.Check your odds to make the best decisions
 6.Click “New Hand” to restart.

Texas Hold’em Poker Probabilities – Being dealt with statistics

The odds of receiving certain starting card combinations (pocket cards)
Preflop (starting hand)  
Probability of being dealtRatioPercentage
Pair of aces (AA)220:10.45%
Pair of kings (KK)220:10.45%
Pair of queens (QQ)220:10.45%
Pair of jacks (JJ)220:10.45%
Pair of aces, kings, queens or jacks55:11.79%
Any pocket pair16:15.88%
Ace and king suited (AKs)331:10.30%
Ace and king unsuited (AK)110:10.90%
Ace and queen suited (AQs)331:10.30%
Ace and queen unsuited (AQ)110:10.90%
Any suited two cards3.25:123.53%
Any connecting cards5.38:115.67%
Any two suited connectors24:14.00%
Probability of floppingRatioPercentage
A pair, holding unpaired cards2.1:132.2%
Two pair, holding unpaired cards49:12%
Three of a kind (set), holding pair7.5:111.8%
Straight draw (8 outs), holding connectors8.6:110.4%
Flush draw, holding suited cards8.1:110.9%
Flush, holding suited cards118:10.8%
Full house, holding pair1087:10.09%
Turn / River (approx)  
Probability of hittingRatioPercentage
Straight (Inside straight draw)10.5:18.70%
Straight (open-ended straight draw)4.7:117.40%
Flush with a flush draw4.1:1
Full house from a two pair10.5:18.70%
Full house from a three of a kind5.6:115,20%