Is There A Good Place To Play Poker Indonesia

poker in Indonesia

Countless card games exist in the world but the most prominent and evolving card game since its creation is Poker. It is often a debate from where does it originate from. Some say it is a direct descendant of a Persian game As-Nas & some other historians argue that the game is likely descendant from Irish “Poca” the French “Poque” or the German “pochen”.

It is possible that all these earlier games influence the development of Poker as you know it today. What truly distinguishes this game from the earlier games is betting that’s involved in it. Around 1750 to 1800 it started to spread around the US. Beginning around the Mississippi River region and with the invention of commercial gambling, it flooded the Mississippi by riverboats & once up with the Mississippi gold rush, the game began to spread to the west.


As a most known in the US, the 52 card deck became standard. Previously a reduced 20 card deck was occasionally used in heads up and smaller games. With the 52 card deck then came the flush added to the game, during the American Civil War many additions were made including the straight and stud poker & about 1875 wildcard poker was established and many more types till 1900. Finally, community games were first introduced around 1925. If you are visiting Indonesia then you should try your hands in poker Indonesia because it has some great places to play poker.

Poker in Indonesia

The Community Card games changed the game into a more strategic game by adding two more rounds of betting after “TEXAS HOLD EM” spread throughout Taxes it was introduced in Vegas. In 1967 by a group of taxes including Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim & Puggy Pearson a world series was created wherein start there was only 8 entrance which has increased drastically to 200 till 1992.

During that time Doyle Brunson wrote a book “SUPER SYSTEM”. This book revolutionized the way Poker was played and made it a lifestyle.

Online Gaming

In 1998 the first online Poker game was dealt on Planet Poker in early 2000 it saw an incredible surge in the popularity due to online and TV broadcast. By 2010 the world-series reached the entrances of 7319 people but as the time changes it also saw some set back in 2006 by US laws because of the increase in internet gamble. Well, it is another problem whether Poker should be played online but since it is a game of skill, mental amplitude comparable to the game such as chess this issue has its own pros and cons.

This game has covered a long journey where it has evolved from “Poker to Modern Poker” and since then it has made wealth for many and yet also became a misfortune losing bet for some. It is still a source of joy for the people.